What do we create?

Our services provide your companies doing business in more trustworthy, flexible and scalable manner.


Web pages

Digital corporate or personal message that we sent to the world is a characteristic of this century. Your web page is a communication system by which you present a profile, style and vision of your company.

Mobile applications

Mobile phones have become essential part of our every day life. In 2017 the number of mobile phones users has risen up to 4.77 billion. We believe that mobile phone applications are the future.



Web applications

Complex calculations, statistics and charts of your business; control and supervision, automatization of your business and online stores are among the most popular web applications today.

Custom-made solutions

Programs and applications which are created to fit your business and your needs.


You are interested in web and mobile phone programer career?



Receiving education with the help of digital content as an introduction before the mentorship



Learning from experts with an experience and also working on real projects



At the end of the course, the best attendants can get a job and build their international career, as well

Our projects

Except the internal pages and applications for clients, we have our own applications / projects.

Portal Grad Bjelovar

Smart CityIntended for cities that are developing in way of smart city. Currently under development


ePlac.euThe platform for buying and sellinng natural products.


Mature.EducirajMe.comOnline preparation for the final exam


EducirajMe.comEducation center; lifelong learning

Code 4 Bjelovar 24 hours of programing, 7 teams, valuable prizes

Watch the video

Uvoz Auta

Cars importMobile application for the imported vehicles expenses calculations


ForestlandMobile application for the music festival

Carina Kalkulator

Duty expenses calculatorMobile application for the import duty expenses calculations


eDnevnik for iOSUnofficial eDnevnik

Moj Vlak

My trainMobile application for checking the trains location (Croatian Railways) for iOS & Android

Portal Grad Bjelovar

Portal Grad BjelovarMobile application for keeping up to date with latest news from Bjelovar for iOS & Android

Meet us

Our team

Meet the excellent staff who take care that everything works and looks perfect.

Alen Kaminski
Alen Kaminski

Conscious message and a clear aim.

Antonio Valentić
Antonio Valentic
CTO & Flutter Developer

If you are trying to reach him over the phone, but he doesn't answer, Android kernel compilation has failed.

Ivan Horvat
Ivan Horvat
Full stack developer

Ivan Diktic
Ivan Diktić
Full stack developer

Assertive and thoughtful.

Vladimir Evseev
Vladimir Evseev
Lead frontend developer

Muhammad Al Sharif
Muhammad Al Sharif
senior software developer & Backend security

Takes care of things so that they work perfectly and that the world goes round.

Martina Kaminski
Martina Kaminski
Head of the Office

Brings light, order and effort by adopting a positive attitude.

Ivana Ivanušec
Ivana Ivanusec
Creative Designer

Makes everything prettier.



Kristina Smiljčić
Kristina Smiljcic



Tvrtko Babić
Tvrtko Babic


External associates for design, marketing...

Davor Dokmanović
Davor Dokmanovic

Creates reality even there where is none to be found.

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43000 Bjelovar, Croatia

+385 43 263 194

The corporation is registered in the court register at Commercial Court in Bjelovar, Croatia
MBS: 010047750, OIB: 91650982903
Starting capital 1.217.000,00 HRK.

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